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Updated: May 16, 2019

As a small business owner, I used to be in a constant state of overwhelm. You know the feeling; you have a million tasks racing through your brain and demanding completion RIGHT NOW. On top of all of those tasks, you have customers, suppliers, employees vying for moments of your day.

How do you stop it? First, recognize that nothing, including your present situation, changes with the snap of your fingers. You can take steps immediately to make your business more efficient and your life more manageable.

Now, take a deep breath and let’s begin. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Which of these tasks are ones that only I can add value?

  • What resources do I have available for delegating tasks?

I’m guessing the list from the first question is relatively short. This means that everything else that you do can be delegated!

Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “So who’s supposed to take over these tasks? My employees are already busy.”

If your employees’ time is already oversubscribed or if it’s just you, try the following ideas.

Outsource Smaller Tasks

Numerous resources for outsourcing small discrete tasks, such as posting and monitoring social media accounts or checking employee expense reports.

For the tasks that involve human judgment or interaction, you can find people who are qualified to help you at:

For tasks that don’t require human intervention — appointment scheduling or reminders — consider automation software, such as:

You’ll be amazed at how much of your time you can “free up” by using software that automates simple tasks!

Hire a Virtual Assistant

Perhaps you have complex, recurring tasks that need to be delegated. In that case, a virtual assistant might solve your problem admirably. However, where can you find one and how do you know that this person is qualified and dependable?

Start with these virtual assistant association sites:

  • Global Alliance of Virtual Assistants

  • International Virtual Assistants Association

Also check the Virtual Assistant Assistant web site to see ratings and reviews of virtual assistants and virtual assistant companies from all over the globe.

Hire an Intern

Maybe a virtual assistant isn’t right for you or your business and you really need someone to be at your place of business on a regular basis. Try using an intern. Reach out to your local community college business instructors. Let them know that you have internships available. Some academic institutions have rules about internships; others don’t. Find out from the professors if their institution has rules and where they are listed.

Your time is valuable and finite! There are activities that only you can perform and they must be your focus. Delegate everything that you can. By using one, or all, of the options listed above, you can bring sanity back to your business schedule and your life.

Not sure where to start with streamlining or automating your business? Let's have a chat about it. Sign up for a free introductory meeting and get your business streamlined for success!

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