Why I’m Committed to Life-Work Balance

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Over the last couple of decades I’ve had numerous reminders about why balance is so very important. My commitment to balance isn’t about a business tagline or catch phrase. I believe deeply that without balance we injure ourselves and damage our lives.

I've mentioned numerous times that I love my work. I feel lucky to have spent most of my adult life working in an area that I enjoyed with people who (for the most part) were engaging and talented.

My remote work journey to South America that started in January 2018 has been quite the adventure so far. In the eighteen months since I started I’ve visited twelve countries and lived in six of them.

While it was certainly hard to leave the family and friends that I had in the U.S., I felt good about going. I've talked with each of them multiple times since I left. Sometimes we had to juggle schedules, time zones, and such, but it's always been worth it.

I make it a point to get all of my work tasks completed so that I can relax fully over the weekend, call family and friends, go sightseeing wherever I am. 

Last year I landed in Pedro Ruiz Gallo, Perú. It’s without a doubt one of the prettiest places I’ve ever lived. Pedro Ruiz sits on the edge of the Amazon rainforest and is a quiet and peaceful location.That afternoon, I talked with my children and a friend who was present for my husband and me during a very trying time. In many ways, I loved this man from almost the day that I met him. He became an adopted member of our family and spent many evenings in one of our spare bedrooms.

Kevin died the night after I talked with him. Even though I'm sad for his devastated twin who is left behind, heartbroken that my friend is gone from this reality, and frustrated that the world has lost a brilliant mind and a promising epidemiologist, I have no regrets.

Kevin cheered when I announced my trip to South America. We shared every moment that we could before I left. He made time to talk with me, as I did with him. Our conversation that Sunday included a discussion about our plans to meet in Medellin that December after his finals. Yes, we had busy lives and work or school schedules that were sometimes relentless. Yet, we created time and space for each other, for balance, and we were both better for it.

Balance is essential! Yes, work that we love is as necessary as air for some of us. Other aspects of our lives — family and friends — are also critically important.

Here's to balance,


P.S. Are you facing challenges finding balance between your life and your work? Let’s talk!

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