No Internet!!!! Now What?

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Today is one of those days that you hear about as a digital nomad and hope like hell it doesn’t happen to you. I have no Internet connectivity where I live and there are no alternatives for getting connected.

I can’t send email, texts, nothing! I’m not receiving anything either!

Even my mobile phone, which thanks to T-Mobile is usually bullet proof, isn’t connected. Roaming has suddenly disappeared and when cell service will return is unknown. Since I can’t check my clients’ accounts on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or Tumblr, I’m writing this post, lol. If I don’t laugh out loud, I’d be weeping! However, laughter is a better choice. I’m not panicking either because the critical tasks that needed attention were completed last night.

I’ve heard the horror stories from other nomads about being stopped dead in their tracks because they couldn’t get something uploaded or posted or whatever they needed due to Internet connectivity being unreliable.

If you look at web sites for nomads,( and, for example) one of the standard items listed for any location is information about Internet connectivity and speed. The Facebook groups for nomads listing places to live and work also include information about Internet connectivity and speed. Being able to get your work done is a big issue!

Still all the reading and research in the world can’t protect you from a huge thunderstorm in Medellin that knocks out all electricity where you live and work. It also can’t protect you from the high winds in the Amazonas District of Peru from knocking down the satellite receiving dish. Nor can research protect you from those days when you're working in Morocco and you have connectivity but it’s so minimal that it might as well be nonexistent! When these events occur, you simply must deal! Me . . . I write. It helps keep me calm and my frustration levels low when the thunder is crashing over my head or the wind whistles through the window panes or connectivity slows to the speed of a snail crawling through dirt.

As a result, I tend to be highly proactive and get tasks accomplished in advance of when they’re due. I go to (sometimes) extraordinary lengths to make certain that blog posts, social media tweets and posts are scheduled far in advance. I don’t want to be in the position of needing to take responsibility for my lack of preparation because it cost one of my clients a sale.

If you’re going to work as a digital nomad, you’d better be able to roll with the punches and plan! Also, having a sense a humor about uncertainty is helpful. There are two comments that I think of when it comes to thriving in this crazy digital life that I’ve chosen. The first is something my mom has said to me often. “You can laugh or you can cry. Most times laughter feels better!” The other is from my friend Kim. “When life hands you lemons, break out the vodka!”

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