What Happens When You Say "Yes!"

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

We hear and read lots about the importance of saying “No” to certain kinds of customers, about a particular service, or about some employee special requests. However, what about saying, “Yes”.

This year has been incredibly tough for small businesses and, maybe, saying “Yes” can help us uncover new opportunities.

I spent my summer in Sarajevo this year. I had to leave where I was or risk being deported so a business associate and friend invited me to his lovely city, where I discovered firsthand the power of “Yes!”

Once I had settled in to my apartment and caught up with my work, I decided that I wanted to see more of Bosnia than Sarajevo. I went online to TripAdvisor and found a company that was offering day tours to neighboring towns. I booked one that looked interesting to me and received a confirmation.

In the meantime, I went on a free walking tour with a different company. Even though I was the only person who wanted a tour that morning, the Meet Bosnia tour guide, who was a lovely woman, said that we would go anyway! Well, she definitely made an impression.

Then several days later, the other tour company that I booked my day tour with cancelled my reservation because they didn’t have additional reservations. I took a chance and booked directly online with Meet Bosnia. They responded with “Yes, and…” We began negotiations about the tour and agreed on a day and a price.

Needless to say, the day tour was amazing! My tour guide, Adnan, was knowledgeable and took great care to ensure that I saw as much of the Bosnian countryside as possible. The day tour was so delightful that I booked another tour with Meet Bosnia!

Waterfall in the center of the town of Jajce
Waterfall in downtown Jajce

They said, “Yes!” Secured my business and my loyalty as a customer. When I return to Sarajevo, I’m going to go back to them because they were completely customer focused!

Think about the wisdom of saying “Yes” the next time a customer makes a request. Is it something that you can do easily? Does the request necessitate some negotiating? By saying “Yes” you could open an entirely new opportunity for your business. Or perhaps you’ll help one of your employees continue working.

How is your customer focus strategy working in this time of uncertainty? Let’s talk about what you can improve and do differently!

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